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Explore the SmILES methodology Explore and learn about the SmILES methodology by examining the overall SmILES workflow for modelling and analyzing complex energy systems depicted in the...

Experimentation and analysis phase - tasks

Tasks Simulation/Optimization Visualization and Analysis

Define Test Case- Description

Short Description The goal of the task "Define Test Case" is to provide the set of conditions under which a test can determine whether or how well a system, component or one of...

Define Use Case- Description

Short Description The goal of the task " Define Use Case " is to describe an application scenario, that defines the important actors, systems and technologies, and their...

Preparation and Specification Phase - Workflow

Define system configurations Example of system configurations Define use cases example use cases Define test cases ...

Define System Configuration- Description

Short Description The goal of the task "Define System Configuration" is to collect information about the technical, natural and e.g. political & economical environment of...

Experimentation and analysis phase - input and output

Result Types Test System Model Specification Test System Model Implementation Test Case Specification Test Data Simulation Results Best Practice

NHN.TC1.TS1 test system model implementation - title

NHN.TC1.TS1 Test System Model Implementation

implementation phase 2 - input and output

Input Component Model Specification Test System Model Specification

Related Documents of Control Functions

Related Documents of Control Functions

Battery KIT - Input and utput

Input and Output Input variables : Real P batt : Battery power setpoint, given by controller [kW] Output variables: Real SOC batt : State of Charge of the battery [%] Real...

Battery KIT - Title

Battery Component Model

Model overview

Model Overview Model Details Metadata Description Model Name Battery Author / organization...

SmartDorf - overview

System Configuration Overview Author: Benedikt Pesendorfer (AIT) Key figures: Total annual electricity demand: ~ 500 [MWh/a] Total annual heat demand: ~ 1200 [MWh/a] Area:...

System Configuration: AIT/Köstendorf

General Description Köstendorf is a village in the north of Salzburg with a structure typical for the rural area of Austria. However Köstendorf is of special interest since 2013 when...

System Configuration: EDF/Aulnoy-Lez-Valenciennes

General Description Aulnoy-Lez-Valenciennes is a rural municipality in the North of France with 7 500 inhabitants over 580 hectares. The nearby river (the “Rhonelle”) helped the...

System Configuration: DTU/Nordhavn, Arhusgadekvarteret

General Description General Characteristics Buildings Electrical Layout Centralized Production ... Storage ... Network Low-voltage...

System Configuration: KIT/Electronic Production Site KIT-CN Building 230

General Description Located on the campus north of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) is the packaging lab for electronic systems (building B230). It comprises machinery to assemble...