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A System Configuration is a detailed, semi-formal description of the technical, natural, political and economic environment as experimentation playground, in which Use Cases are embedded. It lists technical components available within the playground, and their interrelations such as connectivity via energy networks, e.g. electrical network or heating networks, and defines the inherent, static properties of the available technical components. It also describes natural (e.g. climate), political (e.g. regulations) or economical (e.g. cost) influences on a system implemented within the playground and overall technical constraints.  The system configuration is the "static" part of a system description in the sense that, while dynamic attributes such as transient parameters may be included in it, it does not contain information about the use of the system.

For a further look, how a System Configuration will look like, examine one of the examples mentioned on the left side, or read the SmILES deliverable related to the definition of System Configuration linked under the Related Document section.

For collecting information about a System Configuration, just use the template provided.