SizingHPandStorageToMaximizeSelfConsumption - title

Sizing HPand Storage To Maximize Self Consumption Test Case

SizingHPandStorageToMaximizeSelfConsumption - overview

Test Case Overview

Author / organization: Sami Ghazouani and Mickael Rousset

Test objective: Optimization

Object Under Investigation:

  • Heat storage: Volumes and temperature levels (Vstore, Vextract, Tstore)
  • Heat pump: Temperature levels and power intake (Tevap, Tcond, Power)
  • District heating network: Temperatures (Tgo, Treturn)

Function Under Investigation:

The efficient use of local energy, i.e., electricity produced by solar PV panels and greenhouse heat waste.

System configuration: Collectopia

Use case: UC12 – Maximize use of local resources

SizingHPandStorageToMaximizeSelfConsumption - description

Short Description

The test case aims to optimize the design of a district’s infrastructure in order maximize the use of renewable energy sources – such as waste heat from a greenhouse and solar PV – in the energy mix of the district’s energy supply (thermal and electrical).

The objective function is to minimize the imports of exergy coming from grids. The exergy is a reflection of the energy, taking into account its quality. It can concern both electrical and thermal grids. In the system configuration under study, a storage tank is sized in order to reach this objective. In the related use case, the storage tank is used to separate the periods of energy production from the periods of energy consumption.

SizingHPandStorageToMaximizeSelfConsumption - details

Test Case Details