Seasonalstorage - title

LMES COLLECTOPIA Seasonalstorage Test Case

Seasonalstorage - overview

Test Case Overview

Author / organization: Stephan Seidelt, Daniel Fehrenbach / EIFER

Test objective: characterization

Object Under Investigation: capacity costs of the entire system technologies

System Under Test: RES consists of energy production technologies

System configuration: Collectopia RES

Use case: UC14 – Optimal design of CHP and heat storage

Seasonalstorage - description

Short Description

This test case aims to find the cost-optimum technology mix for the Collectopia RES and to find out if seasonal storage is economic favourable. Therefore, a RES is set up with all technologies that are potentially of interest, including seasonal storage of heat. Based on this, the cost-minimal configuration can be determined. The RES consists of energy production technologies, e.g., PV, HPs and gas CHPs, imports and exports to external grids as well as the aggregated electricity and heat demand depending on numbers and types of buildings. For the Collectopia case, battery storage and biogas production are excluded, and for the heat storage a hot water tank is considered,

Seasonalstorage - details

Test Case Details