Experimentation and analysis phase - title

Experimentation and Analysis Phase

Experimentation and analysis phase - short description

Short Description

The experimentation part is the equivalent to performing experiments in an experimental setup, e.g. the experimenter will run concrete simulations and / or optimizations by first configuring the static parameters of the model implementation and then starting the implemented Test System Model Implementation by using the corresponding execution environment (in the monolithic case a tool like Matlab, or Dymola, in a co-simulation setup as co-simulation using an appropriate co-simulation platform).

The running model implementation will then fetch needed test data from configured input files or input sources (could be services providing the data) dynamically while running. The output of the simulation or optimization run will then be saved to output files or more generic to output sources. Typically, an experimenter will perform different simulation or optimization runs with different configurations and/or different test data according to a defined Test Case Specification.