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Data Files from national sample projects

This page provides an asset manager (file explorer) for accessing all data files (from national sample projects) used within the SmILES project, which are described and referenced in the different SmILES deliverables (see Deliverables under the main menu). According to SmILES methodology, the data-files are zip archives which contain beside the actual data files a manifest file which e.g. describe the data semantics. 

Please use the asset manager below to access the data file zip archives. The documents are organized into project partner specific folders (e.g. "KIT", "AIT" and the like). A partner folder contains all data files compiled by that partner. Information about which file belongs to which system modelling project can be found in the deliverable documents which are accessible under the menu entry "Deliverables" in the main navigation menu, or more easily, the relation of files to projects and methodology can be more easily explored under the "SDIP Showcase" which provides access to the files in context of the SmILES methodology.

Note, that the asset manager allows to change the view of a directory listing, and provides as search functionalitäty. Furthermore, the 3-dot menu left to an item in the directory view list provides action on the item (e.g. to download a file).

Documents and Media

Title Size Status Downloads Create Date Modified Date  
BatteryParameters.zip 1KB Approved 35697 4 Years Ago 4 Years Ago
BuildingModel.zip 1KB Approved 35700 4 Years Ago 4 Years Ago
Controller.zip 1KB Approved 35752 4 Years Ago 4 Years Ago
ExternalDisturbance.zip 91KB Approved 35742 4 Years Ago 4 Years Ago
FlexOfficeData.zip 22KB Approved 35793 4 Years Ago 4 Years Ago
HeatPump.zip 1KB Approved 36297 4 Years Ago 4 Years Ago
System_Input.zip 6.7MB Approved 35737 4 Years Ago 4 Years Ago
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