Shared Data and Information Platform

Shared Data and Information Platform (SDIP)

The shared data and information platform will serve as a common entry point for accessing all project results and the data collected within the project. The platform will integrate advanced visualisation tools and search technology to explore easily data and project results through the web interface of the platform. This will be of great value for users looking for information about combining renewables and storage options or are in the need of data for creating own models.
The shared data and information platform and the tools implemented for the platform will provide a good foundation for the dissemination activities and for further projects in which the data and information base contained in the platform can be enhanced to cover other smart energy technologies beside storage and renewables as well. In this respect the platform can be extended towards a central information hub on smart energy technology concepts, data and best practices.

Please choose, whether you want to explore SmILES methodology for perfoming complex energy systems simulations, search for results or how you can contribute under the following links: