2VolumeThermalStorage Component Model implementation - title

2VolumeThermalStorage Component Model Implementation

2VolumeThermalStorage Component Model implementation - overview

2VolumeThermalStorage Component Model Implementation - Overview

Author / organization: Matthildi Apostolou / EDF

Used Compoent model specification: 2 Volume Thermal Storage Specificaion

Model of computation:

  • Other, please specify: to be used by an optimization algorithm

Simulation description: given a specific heat demand profile, this test allows the sizing of a storage tank when coupled with a production unit. Temperatures are fixed for both sides in order to allow the simulation models that do not account for the temperature level match to run the optimisation. The objective function is the minimisation of the total exergy consumed. The production unit and the storage tank can be used to satisfy the demand.

Implementation tool:

  • Dymola and MATLAB/Simulink
  • AnyLogic or MATLAB/SimEvents

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2VolumeThermalStorage Component Model implementation - short description

Short Description

A simple model of a thermal storage tank with two layers (hot and cold volume). The temperature of each layer is stable (not varying during the study period), whereas the volume of each layer is varying in order to meet the charging/ discharging requirements.

Present use / development status

The model allows, by considering the energy conservation in each layer, the sizing of the storage tank (in terms of total volume and temperature level of each zone) and the optimisation of its operation (charging/discharging). The model is therefore useful for the sizing of this component at the design phase of the optimisation of multi-energy systems.

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